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Undergraduate Transfer Credit Evaluations

Transfer Evaluations Services
Office of Admissions
Wille Administration Building, Room A101
160 Convent Avenue
New York, NY 10031

The Transfer Evaluation Services unit of the Office of Admissions evaluates all undergraduate course work taken prior to enrollment at City College. This includes college courses taken in the U.S. and abroad, advanced placement (A.P.) and international baccalaureate (I.B.) examinations, and other courses taken for college credit while in high school.

Students enrolling in one of CCNY's professional schools (School of Architecture, Education or Engineering) with 45 or more credits earned at the time of admission receive an evaluation from the respective professional school. All others are evaluated by Evaluation Services.

Transfer Evaluation Services Staff:

Mercedes Bains, Assistant Director, Transfer Evaluations
Appointment hours: Scheduled appointment only

Jasmine Ferguson, Evaluator
Appointment hours: Thursdays 2:00 - 4:45 pm

Jeannette Jackson, Evaluator
Appointment hours: Scheduled appointment only

Steven Longchallon, Evaluator
Appointment hours: Wednesdays, 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Marc Polite, Evaluator
Appointment hours: Mondays 2:00 pm - 4:45 pm

Niki Rogers-Walker, Evaluator
Appointment hours: Mondays 9:00 am - 11:45 am

Latria Taylor, Evaluator
Appointment hours: On Leave

Linda Young-Montague, Evaluator
Appointment hours: Tuesdays 9:00 am - 11:45 am

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many of my credits will transfer from my previous school?

A: You may transfer a maximum of 90 credits. CUNY students with completed A.A., A.A.S. or A.S. degrees are entitled to a minimum of 60 credits. If your degree was not granted at the time of your application to City College, please submit an updated transcript when your degree is granted.

Q: When will my evaluation be done?

A: Transfer Evaluation Services begins the evaluation process as soon as we have information on your acceptance to City College from the University Application Processing Center (UAPC). Priority is given to students who respond to Intent to Enroll. Most evaluations will be completed before Orientation and Registration. The earlier you apply and are admitted, the earlier you will receive a transfer credit evaluation.

Q: I took college classes and AP examinations while I was in high school. How can I get credit for them?

A: If you took college courses in high school you must submit an official college transcript to the Office of Admissions showing those courses. If you took AP courses and AP examinations you must submit an official AP score report to the Office of Admissions. These documents should be submitted at least three weeks prior to your registration date to facilitate your registration.

Q: Why didn't all of my credits transfer?

A: If a course does not have a match to an area of study at CCNY or if no course like it is given at CCNY for credit, then the course is non-transferable (e.g., physical education, remedial/developmental course work, nursing or technical training). In many cases, courses have not been transferred because your final courses are "in progress" on the original transcript you submitted. Please be sure your previous college sends a final official transcript to CCNY.

Q: Will you tell me what classes I need to take?

A: Transfer Evaluation Services evaluates your transfer credits and informs you of your transfer credit equivalencies. You must see your academic advisor to plan your course of study. We recommend you bring a copy of your transfer credit evaluation with you when you meet with an advisor during new student orientation and registration.

Q: I already have a degree; do I need to take core classes?

A: Students with A.A. and A.S. degrees from CUNY colleges are not required to take core or general education courses. Students with U.S. equivalent bachelor's degrees are not usually required to take core courses. If you have an A.A.S. degree from a CUNY college or an associate's degree from a non-CUNY college, you may be required to take core courses. In order to determine which course you must take to satisfy your degree and major requirements you must see an academic advisor. For more information on core or general education requirement please click here.

Q: I did my core at my previous school.Do I have to do the core at City?

A: If you transferred from another CUNY school and completed a required course there, you will have met that requirement at City, as well.When your transcripts are evaluated the courses will be reviewed for any requirement designations (RDs) from your former CUNY college and assign them to your transfer courses at City.If you attended a non-CUNY school and a core course was completed at that school, it may also meet core at CCNY. Provide your transfer credit evaluator with a syllabus to review for a match to CCNY core requirements.

Q: Why am I being asked for a transcript I already sent to my previous college?

A: In order to complete your evaluation, a separate transcript for each school is required. Colleges do not generally share records received from other schools.

Q: Will I be notified when you get my transcript?

A: We will update your evaluation and send you a copy of the update as soon as possible.

Q: Can I make an appointment to have my credits evaluated?

A: It is not necessary to make an appointment to have a transfer credit evaluation. Once we have received the necessary information we will begin your evaluation, an e-mail notification will be sent to you and a copy will be e-mailed to you when it is completed. Students who submit intent to enroll are given priority attention. Should we need more information in order to complete the evaluation we will contact you.

Q Are my transfer credits negotiable?

A: Transfer Credit Evaluation Services follows established CCNY guidelines and the guidelines for each major or school. The established equivalencies for 90% of the courses in CUNY schools are in the TIPPS database and you may review your evaluation using TIPPS (Transfer Information and Program Planning System). Non-CUNY transcripts are researched on-line and from college catalogs.

If you feel an error has been made in your evaluation or you have further information that would help your evaluator complete your evaluation, please schedule an appointment and bring any supporting materials that may help with a review of your evaluation, such as updated official transcripts, course descriptions, course syllabi and course catalogues.

Q: Is it too late to have a prior college send a transcript for evaluation, even though I've started classes at CCNY?

A: In most cases you will be given 30 days to respond to a request for an official transcript or updated transcript. If you are unable to obtain the transcript within that time frame, please notify the Office of Admissions. If you are unable to submit an official transcript to complete your file, a stop may be placed on your record preventing registration for the next semester.

Q: Does my grade point average (GPA) transfer over?

A: Courses are transferred without the grades and do not affect your GPA at City College. However, graduation honors are computed on the basis of all college work taken by students including work taken at institutions other than City College.

Q: Why did my friend get a different evaluation when we went to the same school and the same program?

A: Each student's transcript is evaluated course-by-course following the guidelines for the major or program and with attention to academic requirements. CCNY Professional Schools have stricter guidelines and higher grade requirements for transfer credit.

Q: I got a "partial" evaluation, what does that mean?

A: In most cases a "partial" evaluation is given when more information is needed to complete the evaluation, such as the last semester grades from your former school, an Advanced Placement (AP) score report, a syllabus for a specific course, or an updated transcript that shows your degree has been granted. In such cases a specific request for information is noted on your evaluation. When you've submitted the requested information your evaluation will be completed.

Q: How can I make an appointment to go over my evaluation with an evaluator?

A: Your evaluator's name appears on your transfer credit evaluation. Please contact you evaluator by e-mail at the address on your e-mail cover letter.We recommend you schedule an appointment. Bring with you supporting materials (college catalogs, or course syllabi) and any information requested on your transfer credit evaluation. Please be aware that the evaluators' work hours vary and your evaluator may not be available during all Admissions Office hours.

Q: Can you give me a transfer credit evaluation before I apply?

A: We receive thousands of inquiries from transfer students and it is not possible to complete a transfer credit evaluation for everyone. An Admissions Counselor would be glad to meet with you to discuss options for transferring to City College. If you are a CUNY transfer student, you may use the TIPPS database as a guide to review your courses and see if they are transferable.

Summary of the Evaluation Process

In Evaluation Services each student's transcript is reviewed course-by-course, in accordance with their major. A CUNY community college transcript will be reviewed according to the equivalencies established in the TIPPS database. The professional schools follow their own guidelines for evaluations and may not adhere to the evaluations as posted in TIPPS. We will research a non-CUNY transcript on the internet or college catalog and contact you for additional information.

If a course is not evaluated in the TIPPS database, the evaluator will compare the course description to courses in the same major or similar majors at CCNY. If no reasonable match can be made, but the course appears to be within the range of the major, the student will be given elective credit in that major. Interdisciplinary courses that do not seem to have a specific equivalency may be transferred as humanities electives.

If a course does not have a match to a major or if no comparable credit bearing course is given at CCNY, then the course is non-transferable (e.g. physical education, remedial coursework, technical training, freshman seminar, internship and co-operative education courses). If an evaluator cannot accurately match a course that is within a major offered at CCNY or determine if it is transferable, the student may be asked for a course description or syllabus.

CUNY students with A.A., A.S. and A.A.S. degrees are granted a minimum of 60 transfer credits. If your Associate's degree was not granted at the time of your application, please send an updated transcript with the degree notation.

Once a student's evaluation is complete the courses are posted to the student's record. Evaluation Services sends the student a copy of the evaluation and an e-mail notifying the student that they may ask questions. If a student's evaluation is not complete, because we need further information or an updated transcript, the student receives a "partial" evaluation with a request for the required information, and why they must submit the additional information in order to have their evaluation completed. The student is asked to respond within 30 days.

Students enrolling in one of CCNY's professional schools (School of Architecture, Education or Engineering) with 45 or more credits earned at the time of admission receive an evaluation from the respective professional school. These evaluations are submitted to Evaluation Services were they are reviewed and posted to the student's record. All others are evaluated by Transfer Evaluation Services.

Transfer Evaluation Services also evaluates advanced placement (A.P.) and international baccalaureate (I.B.), A Level, and CAPE examination scores. You should arrange to have official score reports of A.P. examinations forwarded to the Office of Admissions (use the address at the top of this page) directly from the College Board .  (

You may bring your original official A.P., I.B., A Level, or CAPE examination scores to Transfer Evaluation Services in the Office of Admissions. It is recommended you schedule an appointment, evaluator's schedules vary and your evaluator may not be available during all admissions office hours. City College does not grant credit for the College Level Examination Program (CLEP). Students may receive a maximum of 32 credits through A.P., IB, A Level, College Now or CAPE examinations; equivalencies vary by department. Please see the guidelines at the top of this page.