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Oscar-Nominated "Dogtooth": A Screening with Pizza

  • Address
    160 Convent Avenue
    137th Street and Amsterdam Avenue

    NAC, 6/316

    p: 212.650.6388


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    "Dogtooth is so . . . frightening, it invites solving, but only by the brave."— TimeOut New York

    Oscar nominated for Best Foreign Film (2011)

    "Dogtooth is so suggestive and frightening, it invites solving, but only by the brave. . . . Summon up the courage and go."

    —Joshua Rothkopf, TimeOut New York

    "Greek filmmaker Yorgos Lanthumos's accomplished and fascinating 'Dogtooth' pushes the notion of parents screwing up their kids into seriously disturbing and darkly comic terrain."
    —The Globe and Mail

    "A Greek tragedy with a post-modern chill, Dogtooth pushes the idea of controlling parents and extended adolescence to unsettling extremes. The second feature of writer and director Yorgos Lanthimos, the film opens with a shot of three twentysomething siblings propped up in a sparkling white bathroom and listening blankly to a bizarre language tape. "A carbine is a beautiful white bird," the voice on the tape says, and the faces of the siblings flicker with assent. They are two girls (Aggeliki Papoulia plays the elder daughter, Mary Tsoni the younger) and a boy (Hristos Passalis) who appear to be trapped in some kind of reprogramming facility. They interact as children would, concocting games of competitive endurance, strength and skill to relieve their boredom, and their nuclear dinner table is headed by an attentive mom (Michelle Valley) and dad (Christos Sterioglou) who believe it's their prerogative to teach their children that a salt shaker is a telephone." —Movieline