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Human Resources

Adjunct Workload Reporting Procedures

According to Article 15.2 of the CUNY/PSC Agreement, Adjuncts may be hired at any one CUNY college for a maximum of nine contact hours per semester; they may teach one additional class (for up to six contact hours) at another CUNY college. 

Article 15.2 of the CUNY/PSC Contract states:

Adjuncts Lecturers or Adjuncts in other titles shall not be assigned a total of more than nine (9) classroom contact hours during the semester in one unit of The City University of New York.  In addition, such Adjunct may be employed to teach a maximum of one course of not more than six (6) hours during a semester at another unit of The City University of New York.

The Procedure for Adjunct Workload reporting is as follows:

a.   Human Resources (HR) will distribute Workload reporting forms to all Adjunct instructional employees – January for the spring report and August for the fall report

b.    Adjunct instructors who require a workload waiver will have to provide a written justification from the Chair.

c.    It is important to note that workload waiver requests are only approved by CUNY and the PSC and approval is not automatic.

d.    If your request comes as a result of an emergency, it is important that this is articulated in the justification for the workload waiver request as well as the efforts made to find an instructor by all other means.