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August 6, 2014

An Exploration of Dominican Landmarks

Housed at CCNY, the Dominican Studies Institute of the City University of New York (CUNY DSI) inaugurates Dominican Landmarks, an online interactive initiative and educational tool available to the public. This one of a kind project was developed and executed primarily by students, led by DSI Director Dr. Ramona Hernández, and will both pinpoint and highlight Dominican Landmarks worldwide.

Via an interactive database pulling information from various sites throughout the United States and using the Google Maps interface, the current rendition of the initiative shows Dominican Landmarks in the U.S. Landmarks were selected by exploring different cities with large Dominican presence and identifying symbols that fit the description of a Dominican landmark as defined in the project. The 70+ Dominican landmarks include a variety of physical places, busts and statues, and events.

Quoting Dr. Hernández, "The execution of this project follows CUNY DSI's tradition of creating an educational pipeline to encourage the collaboration of seasoned and up-and-coming researchers in the production of academic knowledge about the Dominican people."

The CCNY student and summer intern who led the research worked alongside several of CUNY DSI's established researchers. Dr. Hernández also states that this invaluable experience energized and invigorated researchers and students alike.

Website visitors are encouraged to contribute to the already populous database by providing additional landmark information via a web-user form available on the website. The goal of the project is for users to become authors and expand upon the present rendition by contributing to the project and adding information about Dominican landmarks that exist throughout the world.

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