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STEM Career Development Institute

Career Competencies

One of the most important processes a person needs to be more than competent at the job search.  To be successful requires mastery of a collection of particular skills.  STEM-CDI offers a series of workshops that will allow you to develop these skills and become comfortable with the process.  This series will include:
  • STEM Specific Resume and Cover Letters:  Yes there is a difference.
  • Interview Skills: The interview can be the most intimidating part of the job search.  In addition to a workshop each participant will sit for at least two mock interviews.  These interviews will be filmed so that you can see what the interviewer sees.  We will also offer mock medical school interviews for participants who need them.
  • Dressing for Success:  Right or wrong, people do judge a book by its cover.  Fashion industry professionals will work with you to develop a fashion plan for your job search.
  • Job Search Management:  Think of your job search as one of the most important projects you will undertake.  HR professionals and peer mentors will give pointers and discuss possible pitfalls.
  • $mart $tart:  Designed to help young female professionals close the gender salary gap, this workshop will give you the skills and confidence to negotiate a great starting salary.
  • Business Communication:  Appropriate professional communication is the foundation of a great career.  This workshop covers everything from your interview, to working with colleagues to negotiating you next job.